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Giovanni Casanova

Snippet from Wikipedia: Giovanni Battista Casanova

Giovanni Battista Casanova (Italian pronunciation: [dʒoˈvanni batˈtista kazaˈnɔːva; - kasa-]; 2 November 1730 – 8 December 1795) was an Italian painter and printmaker of the Neoclassic period.

He was a brother of Giacomo Casanova and Francesco Giuseppe Casanova and was born at Venice. He studied painting under Israel Silvestre and Dietrich at Dresden, and went in 1752 to Rome, where, under the tuition of Anton Raphael Mengs, he became an accomplished artist in pencil and crayon. Among other works he designed the plates to Winckelmann's Monumenti antichi. He was appointed professor in the Academy at Dresden in 1764.

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