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How to contribute

1. Register

Only registered users are allowed to edit or create pages. With registering you agree to the Licenses and agree not to publish any copyrighted material here.

2. Improve synopsis

Add new chapters

Not all of the chapters are added to Paralis yet. The Machen and Conrad editions are easy to add, but the Laforgue edition is unfortunately only available in PDFs and therefore has to be transcribed (best with the help of OCR software).

  • the Machen text can be found on in various formats
  • the Conrad text can be found on
  • the Laforgue text can be found in PDFs at various places

There should be a “browse tool” at the start and end of each chapter to make browsing between chapters easier. This can be easily added using the following syntax:


Check chapters for matching paragraphs

In order to provide the ability to compare each single paragraph, ensure that existing chapters have matching paragraphs in all editions. The reference on where a new paragraph begins and ends is the Trask edition (assuming that the paragraphs are the same as in the original edition?).

So, in order to be able to do this, you need the Trask edition at hand (or presumably the original edition?). Alternatively, if a chapter in one edition has been checked for matching paragraphs, any other edition can be checked against the already checked one.

Whenever there are paragraphs missing, please indicate this by writing a “-” on a single line instead of the paragraph, to ensure that the paragraph numbering will still be correct.

Add quotes and their translations to existing chapters.

Whenever quotes and their translations appear in the text, they should be formatted in the following way:

Quotation of a whole paragraph

<blockquote :la>
Latin quotation
((translation of the quotation (will appear as a footnote)))

Quotation inside a paragraph

Text <q :it>Italian quotation ((translation))</q> more text

The ':it' etc. is there to mark the language of the text. Available languages include

  • la: Latin
  • it: Italian
  • fr: French
  • de: German

Proof-read Laforgue chapters

As the chapters from the Laforgue edition come directly from some OCR software, they need to be proof-read. (Please don't check orthography etc. according to today's standard but how the text appears in the PDFs.)

3. Annotate

Any kind of annotations should be written in English (except for quotations). This makes it easier to maintain one single glossary and set of annotations instead of one for each language.

Add links to the glossary within the chapters either for existent or non-existent entries.

[[glossary:condom|English letters]]

If a similar keyword is already present in the glossary, please make sure to use that instead of creating a new one.

Make sure glossary links are present for the same keyword in every edition and in every chapter that keyword appears in.

Write glossary entries

Write and improve glossary entries. The minimum a glossary entry should have is one paragraph with a general definition. The simplest way to achieve this is to include the first paragraph of the respective (English) Wikipedia article like this:


For the general wiki syntax, see Formatting Syntax.

Write annotations

To read or create annotations, click on the “note” link after each paragraph. Each edition shares links to the same annotation pages.

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